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Altamont Library

I usually question the use of words like “charming” and “quaint” when talking about libraries, since those are often used like real estate euphemisms for “cramped” or “needs work”, but in the case of the Altamont Library, tucked into an old train station, the charm is real.  It could easily be on an episode of HGTV’s Tiny Houses.  Every corner and nook is utilized and surrounded by attractive touches, giving the illusion of a much larger space.  It was a delightful palate-cleanser after the last library I visited.

I love the area, near the beautiful Indian Ladder Trail, and my favorite apple orchard, Indian Ladder Farms.  So when we were in the area for apple picking on a hot day, I convinced the family to make a few detours (here and Voorheesville, which is my next blog).

 They have a bike care station and a really cute bike stand.  In the park next door they have a large gazebo.





The style of the renovated building is Art Deco, with a bit of rustic charm thrown in.

. “It’s only a model”

Everywhere I looked showed signs of careful tending, thoughtful touches and interesting displays.  Everything had a place, nothing was crowded.

The program room.

Am I saying that all libraries follow the “tiny house” trend?  No, that is silly.  I am saying that a library can be good and be small.  The ideal, of course, is room for everything, and I’m sure that the Librarians there would tell you the  sacrifices made to keep it this tidy, the programs they could have with more space.  One of my first jobs as a librarian was in one room of a two room schoolhouse.  Our rule was, one book bought, one book out.

My family gave this library a hearty approval, and I agreed with them.  We will definitely stop here every time we’re in the area.



 Jane is visiting all 36 locations of the Upper Hudson Library System (see introduction)







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  1. Ahhh now this looks beautiful! Maybe the next time we’re apple picking….and my child is older and not losing her mind at naptime.

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