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Watervliet Public Library

The Watervliet (pronounced “water-vill-eet”) library is in the same building as the city’s senior center.  It had a massive renovation in 2016.


There’s a large bell in the lobby.  I learned from my mistake from the Guilderland library (will anybody ever comment on why there’s a cow in their lobby??) and read the plaque.


The  place is roomy and airy, with high ceilings and widely spaced shelving.

I was recognized as soon as I came in (I’ve been recognized in almost every library so far, some spy I’d make!), and I was gently teased about what kind of review I’d give by the director, Michelle Fernandez.  She is off to a new job this month, but is leaving behind a success story, the library has received funding from the city this May, after years of running the library off of fundraising.

The main room leads off into two side rooms, both prominently sign-posted.

I didn’t take pictures of the seating area in the reading room, as someone was comfortably reading there.

The children’s area is also spacious and inviting.

I would suggest some kind of front-piece for the desk in the children’s room, to hide and protect the computer.




I really like the large stand-up lettering for the genres.




There is a lot of room to grow into in this space, and the new director will have the pleasant task of expanding the collection.  I didn’t ask if the shelving was movable, but it would be good if it is, to allow for different configurations during events or in the future.



Jane is visiting all 36 locations of the Upper Hudson Library System (see introduction)



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