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The Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Library, which has very sensibly shortened its name to the RCS Library, has a checkered past which reminds me of swamp castle in Monty Python’sHoly Grail (and that fourth one stayed up!) That’s not something I’m explaining, just that things are looking up  for them- they are in a wonderful space and in the process of expanding.

I realized that I am spoiled in my new lifestyle- I was thinking it was a bit of a trek to go there, but it actually is a shorter distance away than my local mall was growing up! I wanted to visit before the traveling Nano exhibit leaves at the end of October.

I found this library delightful.  Not only was it a new space with lots of room,  I was also impressed by the signs, displays and personal touches.

The more I am pleased to see my favorite genre separated, the more I realize we need to make it easier to find in our own collection


Such a cute display!

The teen area is a work in progress.  It has comfy seating and a nice graphic. novel collection, but is in a big empty space, and their nonfiction is mixed in with children’s.  I really like the bar seating for device use.

The children’s area is large, full of places to play and things to play with.  The director caught me as I was leaving (worst spy ever!), and explained that they were expanding- the children’s area will have a dedicated play space inspired by Storyville in Baltimore, but with a nautical theme. Director Judith Wines is an innovator, what I consider to be a local “mover and shaker” who is willing to experiment and change to meet patron’s needs.  

It is really nice to see a library with enough space to expand, and I plan to revisit when their changes are complete!

Jane is visiting all 36 locations of the Upper Hudson Library System (see introduction)







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  1. But if you separate out scifi, what do you do about authors who write both scifi and fantasy, or series that are sort of both (such as Pern and the Warlock in Spite of Himself)?

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