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Cohoes Public Library

I’ve been in Cohoes quite a few times, sometimes even intentionally (it’s where you end up when you keep going on 787 North instead of turning off towards Troy or Latham).  I think the Cohoes Library wins in the “most unique” category for the library system.  It’s in a cathedral and they have a mastodon.

I’ve been schooled- apparently a mastodon and a wooly mammoth are different things, I thought they were just different names for the same Snuffleupagus.

It was hard to decide which side of the building to choose for the definitive picture.  It’s beautiful and castle-like in all directions.

There is a long ramp which makes the main area accessible (with a door to wrangle).
 The ceilings are several stories high, and the massive columns and arches are impressive. In any other library, they would be the main talking point of the visit.  But…

They have a mastodon.. (Mastodont -alternative spelling)  

The poor moose in the children’s area gets second billing.
I like this sign holder, it has a plexiglass front and the signs slide in.

The staff were very welcoming.  They didn’t ask for my ID when I didn’t have my card.  I didn’t like being called “honey”- but the grown woman who was in line in front of me was called “baby” so I don’t feel as bad.

Jane is visiting all 36 locations of the Upper Hudson Library System (see introduction)


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