Sew Felt Pokeballs

Make Pokeballs

The first thing my son did when I gave him one of these was throw it at me and say “I choose you!”  Thanks, kid.  That’s why they’re made out of felt and not plastic!

The trick to making felt balls is pointy ovals.  6 pointy ovals, to be exact.  For the basic poke ball, make three red and three white, for the great balls make three blue and three white.

Sew the white ovals together and turn so the seam is on the inside of the ball.  Sew the red ovals together to form the other half.  Put them on top of each other like you were stacking bowls so that right sides are together.  Sew almost all the way around, then turn it right side out and stuff, sewing the hole shut.  Don’t worry about making the seam
pretty, because you’re going to cover that part up.

Make a strip of black felt long enough to go around your ball and sew in place.  Make a circle of black felt and a smaller circle of white felt, using your best guess as to size compared to your ball (make a paper one first if that makes you feel more certain).  Sew the white circle onto the black, then sew the both of them onto the black strip.


Great balls have the addition of strips of red on top- I lined mine up with the seams of the ball to make sure it was even.  I didn’t make any ultra balls, but they are black with yellow… it kinda looks like overalls.

Keychains or backpack baubles– add a loop of black felt under the black strip as you’re sewing it on- you can then attach it to a keychain loop or carabiner.



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