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Sand Lake Town Library

On Take Your Child to the Library Day, I of course had to do so, and since taking my kids to work would be dull, off we went to the Sand Lake Town Library on a sunny winter day.

The Library is in Averill Park, directly across the street from the elementary school, housed in the same building with the police and town hall, and around the corner from the arts center.  Quite a gathering!

My daughter remembers jumping off this rock- I do too, since I had to catch her.

(If the apostrophes on the drop box horrify you, realize they are used to clarify, not to be possessive)

The activity when we arrived was a scavenger hunt- the kids followed clues to find pictures of lego figures hidden around the library. They had fun, even though they did not like their prize of a paddle ball (I have never met anyone who is actually good at playing with one of these).

The catalog computer is a touch screen. Our system is still struggling with the search not being customizable from the front page to narrow down to one library (something that our software host, Triple I, needs to do) but when my son couldn’t find Minecraft books, library staff came to the rescue.


The teen area had some cozy sitting spots. If they had more room, I’d recommend a small table for homework projects.

The library has a braille book collection, which was started by a community donation.  I love the poster above it to educate sighted people about braille. They also have a local history collection and a large parenting collection.

The entrance to the children’s area is inviting. The packs are kits of books and toys on a theme that you can check out.

The children’s area is cozy, with a dedicated space for story time that I wish we could have at our library.

I planned to go on to Brunswick for their festivities, but the kids refused.  “They have Spiderman visiting!” I said.
“I don’t like Spiderman,” my son said. (He is freaked out by people in costumes)

Just after our visit, the library installed power assist doors (check out the amusing picture on their facebook page of someone returning a huge stack of books to try it out).  The library does not seem to have a twitter presence, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Did you take your child to the library on TYCTTLD?  If not, make your own day (preferably once a week!)


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